If it is worth translating…

Honing your marketing message or your website took a lot of effort. Writing this report. Wording your press release carefully…

If it is worth translating, it is worth translating well. Use our team of seasoned linguists: they will convey the words, but also the tone and the intention.

Superior quality translations at a competitive price. How do we do it?

  • Our low overheads translates into more bang for your buck!
  • We love translation productivity technology – but never use machine translation
  • We will try to help you cut down on the volume of words needing translation

The one minute explainer

End clients

(*) direct clients or clients via media agencies or LSP


Fabulous Team

A large team of experienced linguists, in tune with our clients’ needs


Publishing or high tech industries? We understand your priorities and will make translating a seamless process

Great prices

A nimble company. Your money goes into quality translation, not our overheads


15 years in the business, millions of words translated. More importantly, we understand the language of your industry


Translations handcrafted to read like originals by our best and brightest. No machine translation, no corners cut

Why work with us

5 Principles of our work

Translations are becoming “commoditised” : projects are usually allocated to the first available, lowest bidder in a pool of freelancers. Often, this process involves machine translation.

BabelOn-line is old school in its approach: we use technology, but still insist on finding a top notch linguist who genuinely understands your industry. And we translate by hand!

The cost? Our small agency structure allows us to beat the big guys.


Areas of expertise

Our Process

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    We will look at your project, understand what is the intended audience and find out about your priorities: time, budget…

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    We will advise you on the most effective translation strategy. We may even advise you not to translate some low value material or to offer translations on demand only.

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    We select the most qualified linguists based not only on their abilities but also on their understanding of your industry.

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    Our best and brightest translators crack on with your project. We love technology, but never use  machine translation. And we care about style too: our translations read like originals.

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    Feed back

    While translating, we may come back to you to tweak some details: preferred wordings, tone of address, factual checks.

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    You receive your translations on line, on budget, on time. Success!